Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Cultural differences between North and South India

I have been to India multiple times. My longest time there was six months in 2015 so I have gained a fair idea of India...

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Louvre, Paris

How to see main Paris landmarks in two days

Hasn't it happened to you that you live in a place for a while and never bother to do all the sightseeing because you leave it for the last minute? That’s exactly what happened...
travel safety tips

13 Tips to travel safe

Everyone wants to have fun while traveling but it doesn't hurt to take some safety precautions. Often when traveling we could be exposed to a multitude of dangers so it is better be safe than...
My impressions of Bali

My impressions of Bali – Cultural insight

Did you think that Bali is nothing more than a beach destination? Or that only honeymooners go there? Then you couldn't be more wrong. Bali is the archetypal tropical paradise, with its sun kissed...
vegetarian indian food in Jaipur

Indian food abroad vs food in India

From a westerner's perspective, it is possible that all indian food seems the same but in reality, there's some variety in Indian food. India is a large and diverse country and is best viewed...
liebster award

Liebster Award nomination

Pleased to announce that I've been nominated to the Liebster Award. Thank you Katja from Katja vs World for nominating me. Now to add a bit of background here I will explain what the...